Ned LeDoux @ The Outlaw Saloon

The Outlaw Saloon, Cheyenne, WY

AGES 21+ ONLYThursday, July 27th, 2023Outdoor Stage: Ned Ledoux (Late Show) w/ Southern FryedIndoor Stage: Lendon James The CFD After Parties at the Outlaw Saloon aint just some shindig, theyre the real deal for all you cowboys and cowgirls lookin to kick up some dust after a long day at the rodeo. Doors open at 6pm each night and the music wll be startin at 8:30pm, we light up the night with a party thatd make even a tumbleweed tap its toes. The Outlaw features an indoor stage for a cozier experience and a bigger outdoor stage that kicks off later in the evening where the tunes blend right into that wide Wyoming night sky. Each year, the Outlaw features a blend of some of the regions best country, western, and rock music acts thatll have you hollerin for more.Saddle up and join us for a night under the stars filled with music until 1:30am. Its more than just a party, its a taste of the wild spirit of Wyoming.

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